Why should I use a water-based sealer?

Our water-based sealers are safe, non-toxic and VOC compliant. They do not have the environmental and health hazards associated with solvent- based sealers that are generally flammable, harmful to your health and the environment.


Will your sealers work and hold up for high heat areas?

Yes. Both Universal Stone Sealer and Optimum Stone Sealer hold up to high heat in fireplaces, counters, outdoors etc.


Are your sealers effective for areas with excessive exposure to water, such as showers, bathtubs and decks?

Yes. Brightstone Sealers have exceptional water repellency and resist stains. The sealers prevent biological growth (mold, mildew, fungus) and efflorescence.


What can I use to seal a very porous limestone floor?

Use the Optimum Stone Sealer . It is used for the most porous surfaces.


What can I use to seal my polished marble and granite counter top?

Use the Universal Stone Sealer


Will the sealer change the appearance or color of my stone?

No. Both the Optimum Stone Sealer & Universal Stone Sealer will not change the appearance or color of the stone. It will not darken or make it shiny or dull.


Can the sealers be used outdoors?

Yes, it is especially useful for courtyards, patios, eating areas, decks and driveways.


How do the Stone Sealers work?

The sealer works by penetrating and chemically interacting through the pores of the stone surface. Our sealers form invisible barriers on stone surfaces that “lock out” oil, beverage, food, dirt, etc


Are the sealers safe for use on food areas such as kitchen counter tops and tables?

Yes, they are water based and non-toxic.


Can the sealers be used to seal concrete counter tops and concrete pavers?

Yes, the Universal Sealer is used extensively on concrete.


Does the sealer resist staining from oil-based material such as cooking and motor oil?

Yes. Universal and Optimum Stone Sealers have exceptional resistance to oil stains.



How do I remove coffee stain from my granite counter top?

Use the Stain Remover. It is in a powder form when mixed with water and applied on surfaces will remove stains such as wine, coffee, tea, urine, smoke, soot and others. Stain remover will also clean and brighten grout and remove mildew and mold.


How do I clean the soot off my limestone fireplace hearth?

Use the Stone Stripper. If the stain is deep into the stone use the Stain Remover.


Is your Stone Cleaner gentle enough to use everyday and is it safe for food preparation areas?

Yes, it can be used daily, weekly, or as often as you would like to clean your stone surfaces. Stone Cleaner is safe for food preparation areas and is environmentally friendly. You can also use Clean-N-Seal as an everyday cleaner and it will preserve the seal of stone previously sealed.


What is the difference between a stain and a white etch mark?

A stain is due to material that penetrates into the stone to cause a color change. For example coffee may produce a brown stain on light colored marble or granite. These stains can be removed by using the Stain Remover. Etch marks are caused by acidic materials or hard water deposits that marks the stone white or dulls the stone surface. This is caused by fruit juice, soda, vinegar, hard water, acidic cleaners, and urine on marble, limestone and travertine. These etch marks and dullness can be removed and the polish restored with the Marble Refinishing Kit.



How can one remove watermarks and glass rings from marble surfaces?

Watermarks and glass rings can be effectively removed with the Marble Refinishing Kit that includes everything you need in the kit.


How can I make my counter top shiny and reflect the color better?

Use the Stone Polish. It works very well on polished surfaces like marble, granite, onyx, and travertine.


I cleaned my marble with a vinegar and water mixture and when it dried the shine was gone and the marble was dull.

If it is a small area use the Marble Refinishing Kit to polish it, this will get the shine back. If it is a large area use the Marble Refinisher with a floor machine (150-350 rpm) to polish the stone.


My marble floor is dulled due to high traffic or it is just old, what should I do?

Use the Marble Refinisher


Can I use Marble Refinisher on granite?

No! Will not work on granite. The Marble Refinishing Kit and the Marble Refinisher are designed for marble, limestone, travertine and onyx.