From the Lab to the Field, the Emergence of a Safe Stone and Tile Care System that Works!

Brightstone makes the finest and most technologically advanced Stone Care Products available today. At Brightstone, we have carefully researched and formulated products that are Safe and Simple to use… Yet Extremely Effective! We are proud to offer our customers practical solutions and time-tested methods for Protecting, Cleaning & Restoring stone, tile, and grout.

The Origins of our Superior Stone & Tile Care System 

Brightstone products were originally designed for Professional Stone & Tile Care specialists. It quickly became apparent that responsibility for stone care was not limited to specialist but also included Home Owners & Maintenance Professionals.

We needed solutions, methods, and most importantly products that would accommodate the needs of all these Individuals. So we made several demands on our Chemists in the development of the Brightstone Product Line.

We wanted, first and foremost, Products that Worked! We then said the products must be Safe and Easy to Use and Environmentally Responsible. We have met the Demands!




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